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We are Daniel and Raquel, Menino Conhece Menina (Boy meets Girl, in English).
We are connected by love and life, by our two mini-meninos and by the Olive Theory.
It was architecture that brought us together but it is at the sound of photography that we now dance.
We photograph! We do it in a documentary way, emotionally genuine. We go through the wedding day gathering the laughter and the hugs, the goose bumps, the chattering eyes. And the tears; tears of joy, tears of longing, since all of them are love that pours out! Everything to then return them in the shape of memories so that, at every turn of life, those moments may be lived again.
We photograph together, always! Two left eyes, two fingers on the trigger, one only heart!
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I still can’t explain why I’m so into walking around wedding parties with a camera around my neck. Maybe is because I love hearing people’s love stories, and meet crazy souls who were able to find each other. I truly believe that love is the most delicious ingredient in any cooking recipe, and it’s the same for filming —when there’s love both in front and behind the lens, videos do come out better.
I have a very simple approach to storytelling, I believe it’s not expensive gear or super cinematic shots what brings emotion to a story. So instead of using a large set of audio and lighting equipment, I embed myself and my camera into every party and catch unexpected moments from the inside. what I appreciate the most about this line of work: the freedom and joy of capturing the fun, unexpected and heartwarming side of something as beautifully unstructured as a love story.
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Hey! My name is Lukas Piatek and I am a wedding photographer from Germany. I am also the founder of the LOOKSLIKEFILM Blog and photography is my biggest passion.
I was fortunate enough to turn my dream into reality. It was always my biggest goal to be my own boss and travel the world. I accomplished that some years ago and I have the best time of my life.
Photography takes me all around our beautiful planet and its fascinating to see how different every weddings is. How different each couple is and how different every photo can be. I would love to talk a little bit about my journey and how I ended up being at the Steam & Steel workshop.
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It’s hard to put in words who we are, what we do and why we do it.
Regardless, we believe that our narratives deviate from the traditional form, following, instead, a more experimental approach. We love our artistic independence and this is by far our main pillar. Filmmaking is never about rules or dominant concepts as their purpose is to make art easier to experience. We are inspired and driven by everything that touches our souls... films, music, paintings, photographs, poems, conversations, travels, philosophy, architecture, walls, textures, stars, clouds, light and shadows. We just try to connect to everything that leave us in awe.
Ultimately in our films, we wish to create an immersive, sentimental and unique cinematographic vision of one of people’s most important days. And yes, it can be a form of self-expression.
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Before I became a wedding photographer, I enjoyed many years in the IT and sales industry.
I made a happy transition to photography but these days I feel accomplished when I connect the experience of being a wedding photographer and the guy with a passion for web technology and marketing. That mixture allowed me to advise wedding photographers worldwide to evolve their brand, marketing and seo, because strong wedding photography business is not just about images…